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Setting up GVTC email with Outlook 2007

Posted on 1/28/2012 by SuperUser Account in GVTC Outlook SMTP IMAP POP3 Server Set up Port Settings Support

Setting up GVTC email with Outlook 2007 GVTC SMTP, IMAP, and POP Settings GVTC SMTP, IMAP, and POP Server Settings

1) Open Outlook

2) Click "Next >" after the above screen

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3) On the next screen check "Manually configure server settings or additional server types", and click "Next >".

4) These are how the settings should look for IMAP, with the exception that you will use your own username, email address, and password  that was assigned to you by GVTC. You can test your username and password by logging on to www.gvtc.com at the bottom where it says "MyGVTC.com". If you are able to sign in, then you know your username and password are correct to enter into the screen shown above.

5) These are how the settings should look if you decide to use POP3. I would highly recommend against it for many reasons. This article does a good job comparing IMAP and POP3 http://www1.umn.edu/adcs/guides/email/imapvspop.html

6) The next step is to click "More Settings..." to bring you to a screen like this. Click on the tab titled "Outgoing Server", and make sure you set it like the picture above.

7) The above settings only pertain to POP3. I suggest leaving a copy of the messages on the server for a backup. You can uncheck this if you are doing backups with Carbonite, Mozy, or some other backup. I am not responsible for any email you may lose. I have already warned against using POP3. If you like to tempt fate, go ahead and use POP3.

8) After you have finished in "More Settings...", click "OK" to apply the settings.  This will return you to the previous screen. Here you need to click "Test Account Settings..." to see if you entered in all the settings correctly. If all the settings are correct, you will see a screen like the next one. The check marks show the settings are correct. If the settings are correct you can close this window, and hit next to start viewing your email. If you got red "X's" then you need to recheck your settings.

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GVTC IMAP Server: imap.gvtc.com port 143
GVTC POP3 Server: pop.gvtc.com port 110
GVTC SMTP Server: smtp.gvtc.com port 25


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